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230 Women Attended The National Jamboree

Jambore Pemimpin Perempuan

Jakarta, Obsessionnews – As many as 230 women leaders from various Indonesian regions will be attending the National Women Leaders Jamboree event to be held in Depok, West Java on Saturday, 7 – 9 November 2015. This event is hosted by Institute for Women Empowerment (IWE) along with several organizations such as JALA PRT, Solidaritas Perempuan, Kalyanamitra, Yasanti, MWPRI, Tunas …

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Women Jamboree Asked Ministry Of Interior To Revoke Two SKB


JAKARTA, suaramerdeka.com – Participants of Indonesian Women Jamboree, which includes a gathering of NGOs that focus on women’s empowerment and fulfillment of rights, have asked the Minister of Interior Tjahjo Kumolo to revoke two Joint Decrees (Surat Keputusan Bersama/SKBs). These two SKBs (of the Minister of Interior, the Minister of Religious Affairs and the Attorney General) concern the regulation of …

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PRESS RELEASE: Women Leaders National Jamboree 230 Women Leaders Building the New Indonesian Economy and Peace


Jakarta, 6 November 2015 As many as 230 women leaders from various parts of Indonesia will be attending the Women Leader National Jamboree to be held in Depok, West Java. The women leaders involved in this Jamboree consisted of women leaders from a number of regions in Indonesia. These are leaders who represent women farmers, home-based workers, female domestic workers, …

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Indonesia: IWE-WELDD Butterfly Effect: Pluralism as Seen Through the Islamic Lens


Today’s post will feature the first part of a two-part post, containing words from participants of the WELDD programme under IWE and Solidaritas Perempuan (Aceh Women Solidarity), designed to introduce the concept of pluralism as stated in the Quran to those in Aceh. The second part will feature voices from those in collaboration with IWE and RAHIMA and West Jawa—stay …

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IWE-WELDD Butterfly Effect: Contributing to the Advancement of Women and Girls


Solidaritas Perempuan Community in Palembang (SP Palembang) is one of the partners of WELDD that has been working with IWE since 2013. This engagement is based on the need and initiative of women that who been organized by SP Palembang. Collaboration between IWE and SP Palembang involves more than 25 women from two villages: Lubuk Sakti Village and Sri Bandung Village. …

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Challenges in Women’s Leadership: Sharing Experiences from the Monitoring Meeting


Being called a pimp, being rejected as village leaders because of their gender and being asked not to hold activities relating to gender and SRHR (Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights ) anymore. These are just some summaries from mothers, partners of Rahima and participants of Women’s Leadership and Diversity Training (Tadarus), the cooperation between Rahima and IWE which on …

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Social Solidarity Economy: Introduction to the SSE concept and practise


The concept of Social Solidarity Economy has evolved over the last century into an international movement pioneered by the Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of the Social Solidarity Economy (Red Intercontinental de Promoción de la Economía Social Solidaria, or RIPESS[1]). However, it is important to note that the movement is fluid and there are a myriad of organisations and proponents …

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Well-being, Self-Care and Integrated Security (WeSIS): An introduction

Self care 3

  The term Well-being, Self-Care and Integrated Security (WeSIS) was coined by the Institute for Women’s Empowerment (IWE) and is regarded by IWE as a fundamental practice for building sustainable, transformative feminist leadership. The concept of WeSIS has been developed out of a need; a need to refocus, re-energise and re-define activism and leadership so individuals do not compromise their …

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Mukramati from Mon Cut


  Losing her husband to the tsunami did not make Mukramati, an Acehnese women from Gampong (Village) Mon Cut, Lhoknga, be discouraged. Instead, she continued to strongly raise their child, Izzatul, to be the same as just like when her father was still alive. Not just being both mother and father for Izzatul, Mukramati is also a Gampong  (village) figure …

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